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Vancouver BC


REC Software Inc.

Phone: 604-874-7327       Fax:     604-874-7326


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BRidgeBRowser and GIBBrowser are by Stephen Pickett of REC Software Inc.


has the most (by two orders of magnitude or 100 times) duplicate bridge hand records
ever collected.

We and many others think the ability to play Bridge online
has been
the greatest revolution in the history of "the game".

We offer the next great innovation, a learning tool that no bridge player can afford to be without: access to every bid made and every card played in a 50-100 table field.

Not just your hands, but those of 50,000 others, including most of the world's experts. Here in an easily-to-access database is information that was in the past only available to expert players after a lifetime of competition:

what works, what doesn't work, and who does it.

We have hands sorted by player, rating, date, hand shape, and of course results. With this information you can literally become an expert. Come in to explore what BRidgeBRowser™  can do.       


The ultimate bridge tool (like the one in the picture!)

6.7.2003: REC Software announces GIBBrowser

Now you can PLAY BRIDGE with this huge database, using
Artificial Intelligence technology and years of research!

By arrangement with GIB's creator Matt Ginsberg, our newest product GIBBrowser combines the strongest computer player on the planet with BRBR's database. You can play a hand with GIB, and find out how you did compared to a 50+ table field.


- Fully configurable bidding systems for both you and opponents, including GIB's "special switches"

- Explanation of bidding, and hints from GIB

- UNDO, even from play back into auction

- Context-sensitive help

- Built-in traveller, complete reports

- Buttons for BRidgeBRowser and BridgeVu to examine and compare play at any time

- Windows XP supported

- GIB diagnostics and trace files generated on demand

- 800x600 and 640x480 versions included (the version shown in the picture is the 800x600)

- detailed logs written to BRBR play file for later study and retrieval.

- ability to preselect boards (authoring feature) by search criteria in BRidgeBRowser.

Click on the picture OR HERE to see a

full size rendering of the screen shot

- Package 1 for GIB owners: GIBBrowser,
BRidgeBRowser, 6,000 boards,

- Package 2 for BRidgeBRowser owners: GIB, GIBBrowser, updated BRBR help files and executables, $80

- Package 3 (BRidgeBRowser GIB Edition): GIB, any (1) BRBR disk (60,000+ hands), GIBBrowser, $120

All files are 100% compatible so you may mix and match

Order Now!

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